Guy Nelson

Chief Executive Officer

  • Global Leader in Ride System Execution
  • Strategic Leadership of Attraction Development
  • Strategic Customer Relationship Management
  • Complex Contract Negotiation
  • Co-Venture Strategic Leadership

Hao Wang

President & Chief Operating Officer

  • Lead High Performance Teams to Deliver ‘The Best’ Ride Solutions
  • Develop Strategies & Optimize Organizational Efficiency
  • Expertise in New Product Design
  • Create & Integrate Global Operations, Including China
  • Over 20 Years Engineering & Building Automotive Systems & ‘Supercars’

Paul Poirier

Senior Vice President –
Strategic Accounts & Service

  • Parts & Service Executive Management
  • Strategic Customer Relationship Management
  • Program Management for Strategic Programs
  • Contract Negotiations

Cindy Emerick

Senior Vice President –
Global Business Development

  • Lead Global Sales and Marketing for Dynamic Attractions
    Ride, Track and Vehicle Design
  • Coaster expert
  • Ride Safety Board

Jerry Pierson

Executive Vice President – Operations USA

  • Ride System Creative Management & Themed Entertainment Producer
  • Project Management
  • Client Relationship Management, Branding and Marketing
  • Talent Resourcing, Training and Mentoring

Ye Zhou, PHD, P.ENG

Chief Technical Officer

  • Complex and High Reliability Mechanical & Structural Systems Expert
  • Oversee Technological Choices and Technical Solutions
  • Ride Safety Expert
  • New Product Development Expert

Peter White-Robinson

Executive Vice President –
Media Based Attractions

  • Program Management in the Middle East
  • Fabrication Management in Vancouver
  • Fabrication Management in Edmonton
  • Commercial Negotiations for Complex Projects

Kelven Tan

Vice President – Business Development Asia

  • Lead Asian Sales and Marketing for Dynamic Attractions
  • Marketing and Business Development
  • Sales Leadership at Theme Parks, Cultural Parks and FECs in China
  • Ride Operations Management and Development Expert

David Lo, P.ENG

Vice President –
Engineering, Strategic Accounts

  • Complex and High Reliability Mechanical & Structural Systems Expert
  • Certified Welding Engineer
  • IP Strategy and Patent Management
  • New Product Development Expert

Kelli Forster

Vice President – Human Resources

  • Seasoned HR Professional in Technology and Engineering Industry
  • Talent Management, Resourcing and Staffing
  • Training, Development and Performance Management
  • Internal Communications and Policy Management

Ursula Rajtar

Vice President – Quality Assurance

  • Quality Management Systems Expert
  • Quality Standards Certification Management
  • Fabrication and Welding expert
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Dean Murphy, CRSP

Vice President – Safety

  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Certified in Industrial Education
  • 30 years Journeyman Fabricator
  • Leading team with 1.5 Million Hours without a Lost Time Incident

David Haliday

Honorary Chairman Dynamic Structures

Steve Turner

Vice President Operations