At Dyanmic, we are driven by one simple mission -

To Make the best Rides in the World.

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We hold five key values that drive us every day – innovation, safety, integrity, trust and teamwork.

Making attractions is hard work. Our culture of collaboration ensures we get attractions done, on time and on budget. Our engineers, creatives, estimators, draftspeople, procurement, sales teams are laser focused on making rides that are innovative, exciting, safe, comfortable yet also exciting. We have a relentless focus on quality. We ensure the safety and quality of our ride systems down to a molecular level. Going the extra mile and focusing on quality and safety have allowed us to foster lasting relationships wtih our theme park partners. At Dynamic Attractions, we are excited about building the rides of tomorrow!



Our business development team is constantly speaking to our customers about how we can help them. We are driven by creating the worlds best amusement park rides that bring guests to parks. If that interests you, reach out!


In Progress

Our development centers are always buzzing with activity! We leverage processes, technology and people who are highly specialized in the art of ride system development. We ensure total confidentiality to our clients as we work together on game changing ideas. We also have an award winning, proven line of products which can quickly be deployed in your parks to make dreams real.



We are lucky to be working in the business of fun. In the back of our employees minds, we know we are a part of creating memories for your guests. This infuses a passion into our workers that is unique to our industry. Let’s make someone smile on our rides together!

The company


We build rides to last. We know investing into a e-ticket ride is not something that happens overnight. We have the team, facilities and spirit of innovation to add game changing rides into your park!

Ride System Engineering
Advanced Manufacturing
Creative Services
Show System Planning

Dynamic Attractions continues to grow everyday thanks to the confidence our clients have in us.

Great Culture

Our people are our best asset. In many cases, our employees are theme park superfans. Who wouldn’t have a blast conceptualizing and delivering smiles every day?

Lean Processes

We keep inefficiencies and waste out of our processes. Our entrepreneurial spirit helps people to be empowered to take ownership on making the company run more smoothly.

Saftey Obsessed

Our clients trust us with the lives of their guests. We take the responsability extremely seriously. Everything we do has safety and quality directly at it’s core.

Driven by Innovation

We take great pride in having been involved in some of the most popular rides ever built. At Dynamic, we’re always looking around the corner at emerging technologies which can be incorporated into the work we do.